There is no doubt that Moralez’s visit left a sour taste in the mouth of many Belizeans especially after his comments made during his campaign, when it comes to Belize/Guatemala Territorial Dispute. But that is all in the past says the Prime Minister as Moralez has backtracked from his comments.

So what was the discussion about? According to the P.M, while it was very cordial, the bilateral relations between Belize and Guatemala, including a way forward in respect of resolving our historical differences, was discussed.

Screen_Shot_2015-11-30_at_8.07.52_PMHonorable Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize

“We spoke about the nature of the bilateral relations he indicated that he is committed to working the process, I told him that I appreciated that, he must understand that the pencil of God has no erasure we are going to be geographically contiguous we are going to be neighbors forever, there are mechanisms in place, the professional relationship I think is good between the militaries, between our foreign ministries, the people to people interaction is good, there are trade ties, there are ties of commerce, there are educational exchanges we spoke about the children from Melchor who come across to go to school in Benque.”

But what was not discussed was taking the long standing dispute to the International Court of Justice for settlement.


Honorable Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize

“When I said that the matter need to be resolve peacefully and by way of legal means I believe we all know that the legal mechanism, the legal function, the legal arrangement that we are talking about is the ICJ providing both populations agree by way of the referendums that would have to be held so we didn’t get into detail in terms of the ICJ, he has to settle in and we have to be very sure that in terms of any referendum time table it is a time table that suits Belize and so I didn’t think this was the time to start discussing that sort of detail.”

As mentioned, Belizeans were not officially informed of Moralez’s visit by GOB until after the news broke on Social Media. And this was simply because Government was unaware of the exact date Moralez would visit the country even though President-elect Jimmy Morales had indicated from as early as 6th November, 2015 to Belize’s Ambassador, H.E. Alexis Rosado to Guatemala that he intended to pay a courtesy call on the Prime Minister.

Honorable Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize

“There is no question of any secrecy we sent out a Press Release which you will get later I have also heard in the media saying Belize is an afterthought that he wasn’t intending on coming and just at the last minute, he met with Ambassador Alexis Rosado on I believe the sixth of November two days after the elections and from then indicated that Belize was part of the Itinerary I’ve seen situations before where things are said people indicate they will come to visit and then it doesn’t happen we will not going to say anything until we have a firm date, it was earlier this week I believe that they said first Friday and that changed because it appeared that the Mexicans were going to detain him longer, keep him longer than anticipated so we did not actually know for sure whether it was going to be Friday or Saturday until yesterday.”

President-elect Morales extended a special and personal invitation to Prime Minister Barrow to the presidential inauguration in January 2016 and Prime Minister expressed that he has every intention on attending if his health permits. President-elect Jimmy Morales was accompanied by Guatemalan Foreign Minister, H.E. Carlos Raul Morales; the President-elect’s Diplomatic Liaison Officer, Rodrigo Colmenares; Guatemalan Ambassador in Belize, H.E. Estuardo Roldan; and Ms. Sandra Hovel, Director of Integration. The Prime Minister was accompanied in the meeting by CEO in the Prime Minister's Office, Audrey Wallace; CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Lawrence Sylvester; and Ambassador of Belize in Guatemala, Alexis Rosado.

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