Screen_Shot_2015-11-30_at_8.09.49_PMToday marks the end of the 2015 Hurricane Season and it is safe to say that our country did not face any threats this year. And this is because the season was below average, says Chief Meteorologist Dennis Gonguez.

Dennis Gonguez Chief Meteorologist.

“This season was just below average during this year hurricane season there were eleven named systems f these eleven four became hurricanes and out of this four two were major hurricanes, that is in category three, four and five so in a typical season though there will be twelve named systems so this eleven is a bit below the twelve there is one left on the twelve and in a typical season we have six hurricanes this year we only had four there are two to three that become major hurricanes this year we had two major hurricanes this so it was a bit below average season.”

The below average Hurricane season this year was caused by the El Nino effect, next year however, the season will go back to normal.

Dennis Gonguez Chief Meteorologist.

“The major influence was what is known as El Nino effect which is an abnormal warming on the Pacific Ocean which would typically would have an effect on the hurricane season in the Atlantic so that is the dominant feature that would cause the below average activity next year we won’t see that warming effect as a consequence we are anticipating and with that we move then with the seasons becoming a little bit above normal and we should not expect that the same thing will occur next year as what we had this year.”

Despite the below average hurricane season, Belize did experience flooding caused by heavy rainfall, due to a small scale system which generated in Mexico and affected the northern part of the country.

Dennis Gonguez Chief Meteorologist.

“As I mentioned about El Nino effect, the warming of the Pacific Ocean which has an effect on our hurricane season this time next year we won’t see that warming effect as a consequence we are anticipating that with that removed then our season should become normal or a little bit above normal next year so we shouldn’t expect that the same thing would occur next year as what we had this year.”

According to Gonguez, the public should start preparing for the next hurricane season, as threats maybe ahead.

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