espanol“El Espanol’s” killer, is allegedly of Belizean Nationality, that is what the Mexican Press is reporting tonight. While the Attorney General of the State has not requested formal collaboration of Belizean authorities in the absence of a diplomatic agreement between the two countries; they have discussed to exchange information that could assist in the capture of the man presumed to have murdered Ernesto Alonso de Miguel aka "El Espanol and Ministerial police Agustín Martínez Guevara that occurred on November 14th. Both men were executed by a lone gunman while having dinner at a restaurant in Chetumal Quintana Roo, Mexico.


From the descriptions of witnesses and the images captured by surveillance cameras from a nearby establishment, all indications are that the perpetrator of the double execution is of Belizean origin.

Authorities believe that “El Espanol’s” and Agustin Martinez’s killer entered Mexico by boat through the Bay of Chetumal and after committing the act fled towards the Boulevard Bay Avenue leading to the State Congress and allegedly boarded the same boat to flee to Belize.

It is believed that the killer was assisted by another person to carry out the murders.

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