Screen_Shot_2015-12-03_at_7.50.14_PMA truck containing over 4.6 Million cigarettes was seized by the Mexican federal police in the town of Huay-Pix, Mexico and allegations are that the cargo came from the Corozal Commercial Free Zone.

Reports coming out of the Mexican Press indicate that while on their daily road patrols the Federal Police were informed by concerned drivers about a truck that was swerving across the road. The Federal Police followed on the lead and caught up with the white Torton Truck as its driver pulled into a gas station.

But by the time authorities approached the vehicle, the driver was nowhere to be found. He had abandoned the truck and its cargo which turned out to be 461 cases of cigarettes of various brands. The cases contained a total of 230 thousand 500 packs of product translating to approximately 4 million 610 thousand cigarettes which were allegedly brought into Mexico from the Corozal Free Zone.  The truck was secured and taken to the Federal Police Station. The Mexican police are conducting an investigation into how the vehicle and its cargo entered Mexican territory.

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