As mentioned at the top of the newscast this week is being celebrated as Disability. Intertwining with the week is the National Games organized by Special Olympics Belize. Saint Peter’s Anglican School, as every year, will be participating in the National Games scheduled to take place at the Marion Jones Stadium on Friday. 


The Special Ed students will be competing for a spot to represent Belize in the Special Olympics International Games.

But for Special Olympics Belize it is not all about winning a spot to participate in the International Games with the rest of the world. The aim is to assist in the development of Special Needs students through sports.

Screen_Shot_2015-12-03_at_7.50.01_PMElizabeth Vellos - Level Leader, Special Education Center

“It helps in their overall development because we have some of our children who do not like to participate in big crowds and the local games is a smaller group of people then it goes on to the regionals so by nationals they already used to a big crowd of people around them, they know what is expected from them, they know how to play the sport and these sporting activities are done throughout the year so that they do not forget how to play the sport, they practice, the practice, so when it is already game time they feel comfortable and confident enough to participate.”

Rossana Briceno- Principal, Saint Peters Anglican School

“What I like about the whole disability week connected with national games is that it is a sensitization, it is an awareness that is being projected on these students, young people with disabilities and then they have their day that they shine and they are able to experience that success and they are able to participate in the regular games.”

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