Screen_Shot_2015-12-03_at_7.50.25_PMTonight there is great news for Smart customers. According to the telecommunication company they are soon to roll out the first 4G LTE Network in Belize. According to representatives of the company, with this new network Smart will provide its customers the experience of wireless download speeds never before achieved on smart phones and other mobile devices in Belize at affordable prices.

Josue Carballo- SMART

“Actually SMART before Christmas, going towards the 15th we will be officially launching our LTE Network, our Long Term Evolution Network, actually it is a new technology it is the most advanced technology in the mobile networks through the world and we are really glad to be introducing this in time for Christmas and we are talking about Turbo charged Internet basically broadband type internet in your device and it is called 4G because it is the fourth generation we started, you know we started off with the analogue then we went with the digital phones and the 2G’s  and now with the 3G’s that is more stable now under the 3G’s SMART phones and now 4G’s are zoom plus and it is an addition and it is going to be really nice toe of the line turbo charges speeds.”

Linnet Canto- SMART

“We want to help people with the transition, we don’t want to have a network out there and the prices are so expensive that nobody can be able to upgrade to this new network so we kept our prices very, very good for this service so for example right now 1 Gig if you are getting 3G is $30.00 when we go to 4G is just going to be $35.00 for 1Gig so it is just a five dollars difference so it is very affordable.”

The new 4G long-term evolution will provide customers with increased capacity enabling the customer to experience unprecedented quality, reliability and speeds at least ten times faster than the present network. And in order to satisfy customers across the board, great promotions are on the way.

Josue Carballo- SMART

“This is going for $705.00 but we have some really great news for our customers with a 3G device SMART Customers and even SMART customers that want to enter into the internet service and the other guys with the other phones and if you want to trade in because it is an upgrade from their three point something G to a real 4G so we are talking that we are going to have special promotions starting this 15th of December we are going to have the normal price and the trade in price for these devices. We also be introducing the hotspots right now we have the high end phones some people have them and  want to keep it and they want the speed, they want to quench their need for speed then they definitely have to be looking in purchasing the 4G mifi that will be at around $150.00 around that price range.”

Smart has invested BZ $9 million to bring this premier 4G technology to Belize.

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