Screen_Shot_2015-12-07_at_8.20.24_PMThe untimely passing of nine year old Geraldo Lopez has affected the students, parents and administration of Salomon Seven Day Adventist School.

And it has also raised concern. Lopez’s death has prompted the PTA of SDA to continue advocating for a pedestrian ramp in the area. It is a request long overdue, says president of the PTA, Maxwell Torres.

Maxwell Torres – President of the PTA

“For quite some time we have been asking for a pedestrian ramp or somebody that could be out there with the students when they come across the road, you know in the morning we have over a hundred students on that road, me myself as a parent have three kids and have to pass that street in the morning and in the evening and actually me myself have to wait along with my kids and the transportation don’t even wait nor hesitate they come straight across, we have to be out there like five, ten fifteen minutes sometimes there are some drivers who are very conscious and they stop but not all of them and I personally have already asked the representative and I told him about it and brought it to his attention and he said he will be working on that.”


“How long did you make this request?”

Maxwell Torres – President of the PTA

“Well, actually it has been from the previous PTA and they have been asking for a pedestrian ramp which was promised while they were fixing the street and nothing has been done at all and all they did was place the cat eye and it is not helping. ”

A petition is being organized in order to seek assistance for the pedestrian ramp to be placed by the school in order to ensure the safety of all students and also to prevent another tragedy from occurring.

And while the faculty and staff of SDA deal with Lopez’s death, they remember him as an enthusiastic individual who had a bright future ahead of him.

Sheryl Distan – Principal of Solomon Seven Day Adventist School

“I believe it could have been avoided that is a life at a young age and it could have been avoided but we have speeding motorist out there and probably those responsible didn’t had proper…”

As mentioned, Lopez will be buried tomorrow.

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