noimageAnother traffic accident has left a fifty four year old man in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. At around 11:30 yesterday morning, Jesus Belito Moreno, a resident of 52 Cristock Street Orange Walk Town, was riding his bicycle on the Belize Corozal Road when he was knocked down by a motorcycle right in front of M&M Fast Food.

Moreno, who had just left his house, was heading to the Fort Cairns Market Plaza to pick up his wife who was coming out of work. But Moreno never made it to his destination as he was knocked down and to make it worst, instead of stopping to render aid, the driver of the motorcycle fled the scene.

Maria Matura - Daughter of the victim

“The person that knocked him down left him there and not even picked him up and try to take him to the hospital and some taxi man I would like to thank him who took my father to the hospital because we don’t know who is the person and thanks a lot for taking my father to the hospital because I don’t know why people stand like that I mean if you knock down somebody please try to pick him up they are human beings and not animals but this person didn’t stop and right now he is in the hospital and he got a surgery because he had brain damaged and his skull got broken so he got the surgery last night but the doctors said that.”

As they deal with the terrible ordeal the family of Moreno is asking the police as well as the public for assistance in order to get justice.

Maria Matura - Daughter of the victim

“Yesterday we called the police and we told the police who is the person but they came and they said they will go and get the person but they didn’t do nothing because the person is still at his house so we need to know why is this going like that the police supposed to from yesterday when we told them who is the person they supposed to gone and pick up the person and they not even come and tell us what is going on. We ask people to please pray for my dad and to please get back because I don’t want him to die because he is everything for us right now and please I asked the police to please help us with this because nothing is happening if somebody knocked down somebody please try to assist the person because everything is just going just like that and this can’t happen here in Belize so I asked the police to please help us.”

When we spoke to Assistant Superintendent of Police, Selvin Tillett today, he told us that an investigation is being carried out in order to locate the driver of the motorcycle. Anyone with information concerning Moreno’s accident is kindly asked to contact the family at 660-2216 or 637-9440.

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