12308664_844625808991625_647753321316861667_nHe was accused in the United States for violating dentistry’s standard of care, engaging in immoral conduct and committing sexual assault and on July 1st, 2005, Dr. John Hall pleaded guilty to seven counts of injecting semen into his patients’ mouths and chose to serve time in jail, rather than to spend five years of intense probation.

After living that ordeal, Dr. Hall had planned to open a clinic in San Pedro Ambergris Caye but was immediately shut down by the San Pedro Police Department after they received information about his past charges in the US.

Other investigations revealed that Hall obtained a Social Security Card and a work permit under the name John Roberts Hall on the same date that his temporary registration to practice Advanced Medical Care was granted, under the name Robert Bob Hall. As a result, Hall was arrested and charged for making false representation and was offered bail under the condition that he hands over his travel documents.

Yesterday, via a press release, Hall defended himself by giving the media his side of the story. According to Hall, he never imagined that he would be ridiculed based on mere assumptions. Hall alleges that he was collecting his semen because he was taking Propecia; a drug used to promote hair growth and was concerned about a decrease in his sperm count. In order to keep records of his ejaculate and later present it to his doctor, Hall says he used an instrument that is used to withdraw fluids and prevent bleeding in order to determine the count in milliliters.

While records show that Hall plead guilty to all of the charges levied upon him in the US, he is saying otherwise. He states and we quote “I accepted an Alford Plea. This is when I do not admit innocence or admit guilt but just want to move forward with my life for the sake of my children and wife. It is considered a misdemeanor guilty plea but never admitting guilt but admitting I did not have any more money to fight but it is put into the records as Guilty Plea”. End quote.

Dr. Hall is claiming that he did not at any point confess to committing these offences and that he certainly will not because it is a false allegation and that the women who were alleging to have been ‘sexually harassed’ were only interested in getting money. Hall concludes by stating, open quote “Truthful words stand the test of time, but lies are soon exposed.” End quote.

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