BCCAs the problem persists today the Belize Chamber of Commerce weighed in on the issue. In a release issued today the chamber notes the current impasse between the Government of Belize and a local importer regarding the importation of rice from Guyana. At the same time the chamber advises the public that all importation into Belize is guided by rules and regulations specific to the goods or commodities being imported.

In the case of the rice scheduled to arrive in Belize, says the chamber consideration must be given to whether it is of the required standard and quality to meet or exceed that which is available locally, and what effect, if any, the importation will have on local producers and the rice industry in Belize. This should have been done prior to importation.

The chamber further states that the matter is more than just about the price of rice. Rather, if the importer is proposing to displace the livelihood of at least twenty percent of our Belizean rice farmers, there must be a commitment to following the requisite procedures in the proper order so as to safeguard the safety of the consumer in the long term, and to prove that the quality and standards justify the social and economic loss to Belize. End of quote.

The Chamber urges adherence to the rule of law and advocates for the processes to be followed for the sake of both the Belizean consumer and the economy on which we are all dependent.

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