Screen_Shot_2015-12-16_at_7.56.37_PMElroy Bastarachea, a resident of Patchakan Village, Corozal, has been in the spotlight of the media not because of his outstanding performance, but because of how he scammed many persons posing as a lands official; and collected monies with the promise that he could get their land titles.

One of those persons that was targeted by Batarchea was Grisel Botes, cosmetologist of Libertad Village, Corozal District. Between the months of April and June, 2014, Botes gave Bastrachea $23,875.00 in exchange for pieces of lands on San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Belize District and in the Cayo District.

She never received the documents for those parcels and reported the matter to police. Today that case ended in court with Bastarachea being found not guilty of the 13 charges of obtaining property by deception.

But while he managed to beat that case Bastarachea was not a free man. Right after the case ended he was informed that a commitment warrant had been issued for him in relation to an outstanding payment to a prior case.

This case goes back to November 2011 when Bastarachea was accused of scamming approximately $113,370.00 from 52 year old U.S National Victoria Jackson and 74 year old U.S. National Sharon Boniek in two different incidents.

When taken to court for that case Bastarachea was ordered to pay back the monies to Jackson and Boniek in full. He was ordered to start with $10,000 but never made the payment. Today when he appeared in court for Botes’ case he was informed that if he did not pay half of the $10,000 forthwith he will spend four weeks behind bars. Up to news time Bastarachea had not made the payment.

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