Screen_Shot_2015-12-16_at_6.47.52_PMIt looks like baby Nina will get to spend Christmas with her mother and the rest of her family, or at least that is what most Belizeans are tonight hoping for. This is after a post on the Social Media indicated that the family court in Belize decided to expedite the case of baby Nina and it will be heard in court tomorrow December 17th, 2015.

Some weeks ago we told you about baby Nina who was removed from the custody of her mother by the Department of Human Services acting on a request from the Guatemalan central authority. The claim is that Analiz Gutierrez, the child’s mother, and the child’s father, a Guatemalan were before a court in that country to determine custody when Gutierrez improperly removed her daughter from the country.

When Nina was removed from the custody of her mother, she was placed with a foster family. Days after the Ministry of Human Development decided to place the child in the care of a close family member after hearing the mother’s cries.

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