Screen_Shot_2015-12-17_at_8.08.18_PMA couple of weeks ago, we informed you about the case of baby Nina who was removed from the custody of her mother by the Department of Human Services. Nina’s mother, Analiz Gutierrez, is a Belizean while the father is a Guatemalan citizen. The parents were battling the custody of the child in Guatemalan territory just before Gutierrez left with her child and returned to Belize.

When Nina was taken away from her mother, she was placed in the custody of a foster family and then placed under the care of close relative’s allowing the mother visitation rights until the date of the court hearing initially set for next year in the month of January.

The Belize Family Court however, decided to expedite the case of baby Nina and it was heard this morning in Belize City. But the father was a no-show so the case was adjourned to January 7th 2016 giving the child’s father another opportunity to appear for the hearing.

Analiz Gutierrez – Mother of baby Nina

“Definitely disappointed, I had intentions of being able to have my daughter today so I definitely disappointed however I have faith that God has control and that on the 7th of January is close and that I will be able to have her back.”



“Any indications from the judge that if the father does not show up at the adjournment date we need to just throw this out?”

Analiz Gutierrez – Mother of baby Nina

“Definitely at this point I would assumed that at the second hearing if he does not present himself then it would be obvious to the judge at that point that there is no interest and properly handle this matter, so I wouldn’t be able to give a clear answer or opinion to that but to my understanding but I would assume that the judge would consider.”

While the court has granted Gutierrez permission to visit her child for two to three hours a day and she is aware that her daughter is under good care, being away from each other has taken its toll on both mother and daughter.

Analiz Gutierrez – Mother of baby Nina

“Upon me arriving there she is happy and she tells me about her day and the hard part now comes when is come to leaving her and she doesn’t understand why she cannot come along with me. I would have liked that it would have been a little bit faster or sooner because of course every time that my daughter is away from me it affect me but at this time I could only have faith and wait for that date and things will be settled at that point.”

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