noimageOn Friday’s newscast, we told you about the body of a male person that was discovered by police about 100 yards from the San Estevan Bridge on the San Estevan Road. The individual has been identified as sixty five year old Mauricio Humberto Merino, a native of El Salvador, who was residing on Guadalupe Street here in Orange Walk Town.

Merino, who was working as a mechanic, was last seen by his land lord, Gilbert Arnold, about three weeks ago. Arnold claims that Merino had left to get a job done but did not return. Merino’s body was found hanging from a rope measuring about five feet in length on a tree located about ten yards from the road. Only half of Merino’s body hung from the tree and was partly decomposed as well as the rest of his body that lay on the ground. He was wearing a dark brown long sleeve shirt and a pair of brown shoes was found about one foot away from his body. Police also found some of Merino’s belongings near the tree including a white hand bag containing a grey cell phone and a black T-Shirt.

As for the cause of death, Doctor Mario Estradabran conducted a Post Mortem Examination on Merino’s body on Sunday, however, no anatomical cause of death was determined due to the advance state of decomposition the body was in.

As mentioned, Merino’s remains were identified by his land lord and because no family members showed up at the site, Merino’s body was buried today at the cemetery here in Orange Walk.

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