1896985_1075079185847057_6281029656328781798_nAnother traffic accident has left a forty five year old man in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. At around 3:20 Saturday morning, Marcus Cuellar, a resident of Belize Corozal Road Orange Walk Town, was out socializing with some friends when he was knocked down by a grey Toyota Ford Runner right in front of Butchys Lounge. To make matters worse, instead of stopping to render aid, the driver of the vehicle immediately fled the scene.

Solany Cuellar - niece of the victim

“Early morning of Saturday we were called that he suffered an accident and we went to the hospital and enquire about it and indeed he was at the hospital and he was in a very bad state ad at this point he is at Belize City because he is in a very critical condition, the doctors are not giving good news about him and he has already lost a lot of blood and then we are trying to get more blood for him.”


“Are there any suspects or any charges has been made for this incident?”

Solany Cuellar - niece of the victim

“So far, the person hasn’t been charged but yet we do know who did it and that person is a female and she practically run over him, drag him and left him to the floor without any assistance, as a matter of fact, she just drive off by shell and she went ahead, the good thing that it happened in front of a lot of people and a lot of witnesses are willing to cooperate with us.”

Cuellar’s family stated that they have made an official report to the Police and is alleging that their statement was simply ignored and thrown away due to personal interference by a police officer.

Solany Cuellar – niece of the victim

“The police that took the statement on Saturday is the female uncle and we are looking into the matter and there is no report about the incident so that is the only conflict that we have at this moment and we are looking into the matter that it be dealt with it and it is not fair that this police is her uncle and he is the one trying to evade the problem and we do want justice.”

As they deal with the terrible ordeal, the family is kindly asking the public for assistance with donations.

Solany Cuellar- niece of the victim

“Those person that know Marcus all what we are asking is that if they would kindly donate blood and to his friends because we have gotten a lot of blood from the family and that is not enough and if they want to donate we really will appreciate the donation.”

When we spoke to Assistant Superintendent of Police, Selvin Tillett today, he told us that an investigation is being carried out in order to locate the person who is responsible for causing this accident.

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