1009935_192768147740098_5024652071051877112_nThe contraband of goods from the Corozal Free Zone into Chetumal has become a serious problem for Mexican authorities. According to a report from Mexican news, La Palabra, the federal police have reported that dozens of boxes filled with contraband from the Free Zone is being introduced into Mexico through a big hole in the fence that extends over the perimeter fence of the Chetumal Bridge. This big hole, measuring about 2 meters wide and 40 centimeters high, is used by smugglers to introduce goods, including perfumes, alcohol, cigarettes, clothing, and footwear, among many other products into Chetumal.

According to Mexican officials, this is only one of many methods used to smuggle goods through the vast boarder that Belize and Chetumal share. Mexican authorities say that although they are aware of the problem and working on stopping it has become a hard task.

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