bqpitsAs a result of suffering from a stroke last week, Bernard Quentin Augustus Pitts Sr passed away today at about 10:40 this morning. Mr Pitts was a well-known criminal attorney by training, and had been involved in politics under the UDP administration. During the 1990’s, he became a speaker of the House of Representatives and was the first person to be appointed for the post of Attorney General despite not being an elected representative.

Pitts received multiple honours during his lifetime and was the senior partner in the law firm of Pitts and Elrington along with the current Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Wilfred Elrington. Pitts has left behind his wife Valda, law partner Sharon Pitts-Robateau, son Bernard Quentin its Jr and several other children to mourn his death. No plans have been arranged as yet for Mr. Pitts’ funeral.

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