imagesTonight it seems as if there is a solution for the 4,000 Cubans that have been stranded at the Costa Rica/ Nicaragua border since mid-November. International reports indicate that representatives of Central American nations, plus Ecuador, Cuba, Colombia and the US, addressed at a meeting in Mexico the situation of the thousands of stranded Cubans in Costa Rica in their effort to make it to US territory.

And after over six weeks of waiting in anticipation, the Cubans have finally received good news from the Mexican government. According to Costa Rican Minister, Manuel Gonzalez, Mexico has agreed to allow the Cubans to enter Mexican territory to travel across to the US. Gonzalez also said that the US authorities have decided to accept the Cubans who make it to their borders based on the dry-feet, wet-feet policy.

Cuba has announced that they are willing to welcome back all the citizens who wish to return to Cuba rather than to continue on their journey and they have also urged the US administration to change their migration policy so as to help these people.

A second meeting was scheduled for today in Guatemala or Mexico in order to find a resolution to this situation.

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