Screen_Shot_2015-12-29_at_7.47.08_PMRafael Mencias, the Corozal resident who was convicted of manslaughter instead of murder three weeks ago, after he was accused of stabbing Phillip Moses Hall 14 times back on July 26th 2010 in Carolina Village, Corozal, was sentenced today to ten years in prison.

Today, Justice Herbert Lord heard Mencias’ mitigation plea and after taking all factors into consideration, he handed Mencias a Prison sentence of 10 years, but since Mencias had been on remand for 5 years while he awaited trial, he will only spend 5 more years in jail.

In his defense during trial, Mencias told the court that he had just finished taking a bath when he heard his front door open. He indicated to the Jury that he panicked and started calling out and asking who was there since the person turned his lights on and off. As the light turned off for the third time the man laughed said Mencias. And as the laughter got closer Mencias grabbed a knife and stabbed the person since he feared for his life.

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