Screen_Shot_2016-01-04_at_5.08.01_PMThere were two fatal traffic accidents that occurred this week on the Philip Goldson Highway, the most recent one involved twenty seven year old Lea Crawford and twenty two year old Adrian Wade who were fatally knocked down while on their way to a wedding in the Village of Carmelita. Today, the man accused of claiming the life of the couple, forty four year old Perry Francis Gibson, a businessman of Belize City, was taken to the Orange Walk Magistrates Court where he was read six charges.

Selvin Tillett – Assistant Superintendent of Police

“Two counts of Manslaughter by negligence, two counts of causing death by careless conduct, fail to stop and render aid, refusing to produce urine or blood sample, driving without due dare and attention.”

Carmelita Perez – Reporter CTV3

“Now Sir with that there is no way to find out if he was under the influence of alcohol since he refused to produce a urine sample?”

Selvin Tillett – Assistant Superintendent of Police

“Well, under the law if you refuse to give urine or blood sample and been suspected of being under the influence you are deemed of being guilty.”

Carmelita Perez – Reporter CTV3

“Now, we understand also that the prosecution was asking for him to surrender his travel documents but this was not upheld by the magistrate, do you believe that he is a flight risk?”

Selvin Tillett – Assistant Superintendent of Police

“Well, at this moment we are just doing our procedures and whatever the magistrate decides to do is out of our control.”


Carmelita Perez – Reporter CTV3

“Now, any idea if there or is any truth to the report that when this individual fled the scene he was accosted by members of the village of Carmelita also?”

Selvin Tillett – Assistant Superintendent of Police

“That is an allegation and we are looking into that situation.”

As mentioned, the prosecution requested that Gibson render all his travel documents. The request however, was not upheld by Magistrate Merlene Moody and Gibson was offered bail to the sum of $20,000.

As expected, the parents of both victims are dissatisfied with the outcome of today’s hearing since they consider Gibson a flight risk.

Carol jones – Mother of the Adrian Wade

“I feel like we no have no justice in Belize and everything boils down to the unjust government that we have, we need to have some good leader that thinks about us the people and not themselves and not about only the people that has money, if they get into the government is to take care of mostly the poor people.”

Raymond Alcalada

“I don’t think that going into court this morning that he should be allowed to be able to travel and that is the point that I am disagreeing on, I spoke with his lawyer a few minutes ago, there is absolutely that they are going to do. I will fight for justice.”

While Gibson was offered bail which he met, he is to present himself at the Queen Street Police Station in Belize City every Friday of the week. He is scheduled to reappear in court on February 15th, 2016.

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