Story Corozal Police are today looking for a man accused of attacking a 22 year old woman while in the Finca Solana Area of Corozal Town.

According to the victim, 21 year old Joanna Caliz of San Pedro Town, on Sunday afternoon she and a group of friends had just finished swimming when a tall male person of dark complexion came out of the bushes wielding a machete. That is when all hell broke loose.

Screen_Shot_2016-01-05_at_7.42.33_PMJoanna Caliz

“It happened at Finca Solana and we had just arrived like around 2:20 and thereabout a dark skin tall man approached us with a machete and he just took all my purse with all my belongings, documents and some of my personal belongings and then he threatened us to follow him so that with the machete so that he could do something to us and then he just walked through the bushes. It happened around 2:40 in the afternoon. There were people but very far, there was a man painting but he didn’t saw anything because the man went into the bush, he was a dark skin, very tall and it had a lone blue jeans pants, a dark rag on his face and a black undershirt, I didn’t see any tattoos.”

The total value of items stolen is over $3,000 this includes two passports and jewellery, says Caliz.

Reporter CTV3

“What all was stolen form you?

Joanna Caliz

“Two S5 I phones, an I pad, a gold chain, a bracelet, two watches, two passports, my sunshades and this has a total value of over four thousand dollars and I would like to tell the general public to be more aware of where they go and to help us recover our stuff back if anybody can help and to be aware of where they are going.”

Police have not detained anyone as yet and are still investigating.

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