Screen_Shot_2016-01-05_at_7.42.40_PMPeace Work International and Gateway Technical College commenced works in various communities here in Orange Walk earlier this week. One such collaboration is between the Education Students from Gateway Technical College and the Preschool teachers from Guinea Grass village. The initiative is part of a weeklong partnership focused on developing early childhood education in preschools here in the Orange Walk District, according to Peace Work representative, Jess Falla.

Jess Falla- Peace Work

“We have students who are studying to be teachers; they are studying specifically early childhood education and so they have actually created a whole curriculum with hands on activities on a very child centered approached education and so they are working here at Guinea Grass Pentecostal as well as Guinea Grass Roman Catholic School and what they are doing is working alongside with the teachers and so it is a really a two way collaboration and they are specifically working with the senses right now because that is what the Belizean teachers are focusing right now so they created a curriculum that would go along with what the Belizean teachers are doing and they have a whole bunch of activities that they are doing with the teachers and the students in the classroom.”

Teachers from the Pentecostal and the Roman Catholic Preschools in Guinea Grass spoke to us about the experience and wealth of knowledge that they are gaining through the collaboration.

Naida Montalvan- Teacher Guinea Grass Pentecostal Preschool

“The children are so loving with this interaction with new people in the Pre-School are and they were stunned yesterday but they are getting along quite well and they are involving more and getting more ideas on how they teach and that is what they are experimenting.”


“How do you think this will benefit you in the longer run?”

Naida Montalvan- Teacher Guinea Grass Pentecostal Preschool

“Well, the strategies they use, the ways they teach from how they are presenting to me they are good for me to implement in the longer run.”

Angela Jimenez- Teacher Guinea Grass Roman Catholic Preschool

“A good experience for both of us; they learn from as well as we learn from them and it is a good idea to share our curriculum like here we have standard curriculum and it is good to see their curriculum as well and we have pros and cons when we are sharing and we are benefitting a lot as well as them.”

The partnership with students from Gateway Technical College and the preschool teachers from Guinea Grass has been a very effective and beneficial one for both the teachers and the students says Carla Alvarez, District Education Manager for Orange Walk.

Carla Alvarez- District Education Manager

“It is a wonderful exchange because first of all our Pre-school teachers are exposed to activities, they are exposed to different teaching strategies that these professors bring and the University students bring and these are all specialist in that areas obviously they understand well what they are doing and also the exchange because I spoke to them and they said that the exchange has been wonderful and that they are learning a lot from our teachers and also from the students themselves and they are exposed to different activities and a lot of resources.”

Peace Work International and Gateway Technical College also conducted a two day training on CPR and First Aid for members of the Public Service. We’ll have that story for you further into the newscast.  

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