The tragic accident that resulted in the death of twenty seven year old Lea Crawford, teacher of Carmelita Village, and twenty two year old Adrian Wade, has prompted the administration and staff of Carmelita Government School where Crawford volunteered as a teacher, to request for a speed bump.

According to the Principal of the school, in order to prevent future accidents from occurring, the pedestrian ramps must be installed in key areas of the Phillip Goldson Highway.

Screen_Shot_2016-01-05_at_7.42.54_PMKeith Augustine – Principal of Carmelita Government School

“The ministry of works who is the appropriate authority to see if they can install some speed bumps because last year if I can recall correctly I had about three children being knocked down on the side of that road and it was like a broken feet and hand and some couple of years my same teachers was knocked down and she recovered and until today she is still with pain and it is sad to see another teacher who was knocked down and she lost her life and I think about two years ago or a year ago another student was knocked down so too many lives has been lost and I think it is about time that someone stand up and build those pedestrian crossing because it is over like a hundred kids that need to cross that highway.”

Lea Crawford and her boyfriend Adrian Wade were fatally knocked down on Saturday night as they headed to a wedding in the village. The person accused of committing the act, 46 year old businessman Perry Gibson has been charged for  two counts of Manslaughter by Negligence, Two Counts of Causing Death by Careless Conduct, Failing to Stop and Render Aid, Refusing to Produce Blood and Urine Sample and Driving Without Due Care and Attention. At the time of the incident Gibson was driving his black Four Runner. Both Crawford and Wade will be laid to rest on Thursday January 7th, 2016.

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