Screen_Shot_2016-01-05_at_7.43.01_PMAs part of a yearly involvement with various institutions here in Belize, Peace Work International and Gateway Technical College conducted a two day training on CPR and First Aid for members of the police department, Customs department and the Nurses from Orange Walk and Corozal.  The initiative that started four years ago is focused on arming members of our community with key skills in first response training.

Vicky Halback- Nursing Instructor

“We are here working with Peace Corp to do a first aid and basic class for some of the community members, we have members here from Orange Walk and from Corozal and we have been working closely with Mr. Neal and Lupe Ack who organized.”


“What is some basic stuff that persons will be learning?”

Vicky Halback- Nursing Instructor

“Today they are learning CPR and first aid such as wound care.”


“How do you think this will help these individuals on their daily lives?”

Vicky Halback- Nursing Instructor

“Our hope is that their skill that they learnt from us that they will be able to be kind of first responders and be able to be the first person.”

One organization that is closely involved with Peace Work and Gateway Technical Collage is NDACC and their primary focus is to promote safe living to primarily the youths of our community.

Eldrid Neal- NDACC

“As the leading agency with Peace Corp we manage to create a few pilot programs particularly engaging young people to stay away from drugs mainly marijuana and the first aid training of course is definitely something ENDACC has seen as an importance ad through the corporation of Northern Regional we manage to this year train most of the attendance and the auxiliary staff in terms of basic first aid, last year we did an introduction course to the community and it was done for one day.”

Apart from the nursing students that were conducting CPR and First AID training, Gateway Technical Collage has several teams that are working on different projects that fall under Information Technology, horticulture and early childhood education.

Greg Potter- Peace Work

“We are just one of four disciplines that are here in Orange Walk right now, every year gateway brings a few different types of students in addition to the nursing students, we have IT students who will be doing a clinic at the Town Council house on Thursday from 9 to 3 and then we have early childhood education students who are out doing some work in Guinea Grass, we also have horticulture students.”

The volunteer team is here until Friday of this week.

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