policeWhile it seems like crime was very rampant throughout 2015, the Belize Police Department is reporting that crime rate for 2015 was slightly less than in 2014.


A total of one hundred twenty three murders were recorded in 2014 countrywide and in 2015 one hundred nineteen murders were recorded. The district with the highest number of murders for 2015 is Belize City with a total of sixty six and Toledo had the lowest with 5 murders.


Here in the North Corozal and Orange Walk saw a total recorded amount of six and seven murders respectively. The statistics for other crimes in Belize stands slightly lower in 2015 compared to 2014 as well. The figures for rape in 2015 stands at 40 while in 2014 it was 43, robbery 214 compared to 2014’s 291, burglary 742 while in 2014 it was 835, theft 1,027 and 1,123 in 2014 and Carnal Knowledge 74 for 2015 and 79 in 2014.


Belize City saw the largest numbers recorded for all crimes with 22 cases of rape recorded, 116 cases of Robbery, 393 burglary cases, 653 theft and 30 Carnal Knowledge cases. As for the Districts with the lowest recorded numbers of crimes; Orange Walk and Corozal had 1 case of rape each, Toledo a total of 6 cases of robbery, Corozal had the lowest recorded number of Burglaries with 38 cases, Toledo had 20 cases of theft, the lowest in the country and Corozal had

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