Screen_Shot_2016-01-06_at_7.53.03_PMA few weeks ago we told you about the high quantity of mud that was being delivered to the factory thus affecting the quality of cane, the steam generation and the milling capacity. Contributing to the factor was weather conditions and the bad state of the sugar roads. Today, the high quantity of mud delivered to the factory continues to pose a problem for the Sugar Industry and the matter must be addressed instantly, says Mac MacLachlan, Vice President for International Relations for ASR.

Mac MacLachlan, Vice President, International Relations, ASR

“Sadly it is and just to give you an insight of that obviously that factory is built to mill sugar cane and it is milling a lot of water and mud and that has an impact on the quality on the amount of sugar coming from that cane but also the cost of actually milling it and this all contribute to increasing the cost of production of sugar and we stand today still very high on that level coming in which is a pity but we are hoping with a little more dry weather and by conscious efforts by everyone involved we can reduce that.”

This week mud level passed 4.5 percent.

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