Screen_Shot_2016-01-06_at_7.52.33_PMToday members of the Pleasant View Missionary Church from Ohio visited Chapels School where they hosted a feeding program for all of the students who were present this morning. Our news team visited the school where we were able to speak to some of the organizers.

Elizabeth – member of Thirst missions

“This week with this group, they are working with the school and then working with ECC church with pastor Chi who is also the Principal here and so we are doing women’s’ ministry and a pastor ministry at the church and then we are helping the kids today we are feeding lunch.”

The main purpose of travelling to Belize and organizing these events is to allow the people to experience the love of God as well as to provide them with the assistance that they are in need of.

Gerald Steel – Pastor of Pleasant View Missionary Church

“Just want to show the love of Jesus in a very practical way and that is what this is all about that is why we have been connected here, I also have the privilege to going to places in Africa and being involved in missions activities there but that is our primary goal.”

The work of these missionaries certainly does not conclude here at the school as they have already planned other activities that will allow them to reach out to the community as well as to other churches.

Gerald Steel – Pastor of Pleasant View Missionary Church

“We are doing a training at least this is my part we are doing a training with some of the pastors in the area and that is being happening during the evenings and teaching them how to multiply the disciples and make disciples and that is been an exciting event for the last several evenings.”

Julian Chi – Principal

“Yesterday we had some bags with the logo of the school for each child from Pre-school to standard six, then we had a free lunch for the students and the staff along with the fellowshipping and then we had a number of activities with the church, they donated some twenty plastic chairs to our church and then we changed a roof for a brother, Godoy.”

The administration and staff of Chapels School would like to express a heartfelt thank you to all the missionaries who took the time to offer a helping hand in order to make these events a successful one.

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