Screen_Shot_2016-01-07_at_7.45.37_PMMore than twelve hours have passed since the disappearance of 32 year old Caledonia resident, Luis Alcoser and still his family has received no word from him.

Tonight, as uncertainty looms, both authorities and Alcoser’s family are being tight lipped about his disappearance. What we can tell you is that there are high speculations that his vanishing has to do with the nine parcels of compressed marijuana that Orange Walk Police confiscated over the weekend. The nine parcels of drugs, weighing 23 pounds each and valued at more than $300,000 all carried the marking J on them signalling a Mexican Cartel.

Viewers might recall that yesterday Alcoser’s recently bought dark blue Kia Sportage was found just a couple of yards off the road leading into the Village of Caledonia in the Corozal District. It had four bullet holes, three on its windshield and one on the side of the driver’s door yet no blood was found inside.

What we do understand was found was one slug from the passenger side of the vehicle but since it was badly damaged the calibre cannot be determined.

Police have also not been able to determine whether Alcoser was driving his vehicle at the time he went missing. Today we headed back to the village to try and speak to the family once more in order to gather more information but we were met by locked doors and windows indicating that no one was at home.

When we contacted Corozal Police for comment on Alcoser’s disappearance we were told that no information can be provided since the matter is still under investigation and is very sensitive. We understand that Corozal Police and Alcoser’s family have been combing the area where his vehicle was found but have come up empty handed.

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