Screen_Shot_2016-01-07_at_7.46.31_PMThe time to elect a new chairman for the Orange Walk Football Association is almost near; however, members of the congress of the OWFA are upset about the fact that they are being left in the dark, since they are alleging that nine of the teams that make up the congress are no longer eligible to vote in the upcoming elections.

Last night a meeting was held at the Orange Walk Town Council office with members from the Football Federation of Belize in order to search for a solution in regards to this problem, as well as to incorporate all other football activities that occur in this region.

Michael Blease – General Secretary, FFB

“My sole purpose of being here is to try to clarify and verify the reasons why the Chairman Mr. Avila has stated that the team missing it status cannot participate in any Association business. N: Our key interest is to bring football under one administration we are aware that a lot of football is being played; the Aragon cup, Vega Cup, Mundialito, a lot of organizers are here so football is being played but not under the Association but for us at the FFB that is not good for football, that is not developing football under the Association and so our key goal is to ensure that football is managed under the Association.”

A second meeting has been scheduled for Sunday December 10th 2016 at 10:00 a.m. at the Orange Walk Town Council office, in order to address these issues.

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