The People’s United Party is just 21 days away from holding its National Convention where a Leader of the Party, Deputy Leaders, Chairman, national campaign manager, national communications director and Legal Adviser will be elected. On Saturday the PUP’s National Party Council met in Belize City to endorse the decisions of the National Executive made in December. We’ll get to that in few but first we’ll tell you what members of the party had to say about the mudslinging and personal attacks taking place in Social Media especially when it comes to John Briceno, Cordel Hyde and Francis Fonseca, the three candidates who are vying for the post of Party Leader. The attacks, coming from well know party supporters, have mostly been concentrated on Briceno and Cordel have become pretty personal. But while it does not spell disunity in the party, it must stop, according to members of the PUP.


“Well, I don’t think it reflects any disunity or anything like that it is just people becoming overly passionate about the candidate that they are supporting.”


“How do you comment on people calling John Briceno names and telling Cordel Hyde to go find the different mothers of his children and unite them before he comes and unite the party?”


“That is uncalled for and I think that we should not give attention to that.”

Julius Espat- Deputy Party Leader

“All we can do is indicate to everybody that this is a family and yes we are going for a leadership convention and people have different views but I think we should hold it down a little bit, but it is difficult politics in Belize is quite nasty and I have taken my amounts the short period I have been in it but if we can hold it down as a People’s United Party supporter I think it would be best.”

Patrick Andrews-

“I would ask to cease and deceased from the personal attack because we are a PUP family and at the end of the day we don’t who will win.”


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