Another issue currently affecting the PUP’s National Convention is the allegation of manipulation of delegates in the Belmopan Constituency. Reports that there were two delegates list, one was changed in favor of one of the candidates and that there were no committed supporters on the list sent in to the Secretariat surfaced a few weeks ago. And that is now a black cloud over the party and in the middle of it all is party’s representative in Belmopan Patrick Andrews who spoke to the media about the issue on Friday.


Screen_Shot_2016-01-11_at_8.13.47_PMPatrick Andrews

“We had an opportunity to select 111 plus six delegates and we met as an executive and to the best of our knowledge we can’t pick and make everybody happy so this is politics and there are three individuals running and everybody would want to dictate who goes on the list but that list is done by constituency and I am happy because I think we did as best as we could to try and facilitate people from all different aspect or point of view and I could guarantee that there are people in our list that will vote for all three candidates for the 31st .”

Julius Espat

“The constitution of the party says, that the chairman of each constituency is the person that has the responsibility and the obligation to produce a list and submitted to the party execute and that is the list that all candidates will be using, so it is each constituency responsibility to put the names; for example Cayo South we have close to 8000 voters and only 120 delegates that we have so it is difficult to put everybody on and we try to put on the best.”

The party’s National Convention will take place on the 31st of January in Belmopan at the Belmopan Comprehensive School. Voting will commence 3:00pm and close at 5:00pm. Each caucus delegates will vote in separate rooms.  

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