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Currently all three candidates vying for the leadership of the People’s United Party John Briceno, Cordel Hyde and Francis Fonseca are pounding the pavement ensuring that they speak to the more than 2,900 delegates scheduled to vote at the National Convention set for January 31st in Belmopan and the Belmopan Comprehensive School.

The aim of each candidate is to convince the delegates of all 31 constituencies that they have what it takes to the lead the old party and regain the confidence of Belizeans in order to form Government once more. While each of the 31 representatives of the party might have already selected their candidate, the delegates will have the last word. For the convention the delegates are selected based on the number of votes that the PUP received in each constituency during the General Elections. That is one delegate for every 25 votes received.

As in every election every vote counts and bearing that in mind the Briceno camp is out in full swing garnering as much support as possible.

Jose Abelardo Mai- Orange Walk South Area Rep

“From the campaign that we are doing from the different constituencies the response is very reassuring and satisfactory and I am entirely and convinces that we will the convention on that day.”

While Mai is backing up Briceno. Fonseca and Hyde also have their supporters. But similar to the Orange Walk South Area Representative, who is also vying for one of the four seats available for Deputy Party Leader, the area reps and standard bearers say at the end it is all up to the delegates.

Jose Abelardo Mai- Orange Walk South Area Rep

“I think it is fair enough and we agree on the amount of delegates and up to now I don’t see anything that would appear to be dubious and if I do see it I will make noise about it I will not stay quite.”


“Let me put it one more way, you don’t know half the people who are delegates, you don’t know them and Mr. Briceno don’t know the, it is no fault of yours.”

Jose Abelardo Mai- Orange Walk South Area Rep

“Nobody knows them, none of us knows them but that is why we are trying to meet them we are going from constituency to constituency and it is difficult to meet them on a one to one basis but I am certain that when we have finished spoken they have a better understanding of who we are, it is important to know who they are but it is more important for them to know who we are.”

Screen_Shot_2016-01-11_at_8.13.58_PMMichael Chebat

“We are open our delegates in Cayo North to the three candidates, we want the three candidates to come out there and to explain to our delegates what their plan for our party and we are leaving it to our delegates to decide who they are going to vote for we hosted the current party leader ad Cordel is coming on the 12th and John on the 18th so we opened up Cayo North, I would like to think that based on our performance on Cayo North, based on the fact that Cayo North is one of the more important constituencies whoever wins would want to work with us in Cayo North, I have very smart delegates and they know what time it is, they know the history of the party, they know the history of the candidates, they know what my preference is but it a matter for them at the end of the day.”

During Saturday’s meeting Briceno and Fonseca did not address the media while Hyde simply stated that the campaign is going well.  

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