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With the aim of discussing obstacles that are presently hampering the delivery of a proper primary school curriculum, primary school principals in the Corozal District hold monthly meetings at the Education Department.

The first meeting for the New Year was held a few days ago and many issues were laid on the table including the PSE requisite correspondence and capacity building.

Screen_Shot_2016-01-12_at_8.02.52_PMJahmore Lopez Education Centre Manager

“Today we are meeting with our School principals, it our monthly meeting, we usually bring in our principals for capacity building sessions as educators we have to remain current there are so many changes and since it is the start of the new year, its January and we invited them for a meeting to bring them up to speed with what is happening believe it or not 2016 is almost finish and the school year will be ending very shortly can’t believe it ash Wednesday is next month and then it is Easter and before your know it school is closed and school year ends and another one is about to begin so we trying to ensure that we have our eye dotted and our T’s cross and so we’ve invited them sharing pertinent information as you know we have the PSA exam that we normally do and that is coming up the first sitting is actually Monday March 14th roughly two months away and so we need to deal with final preparation in terms of ensuring that students are properly registered, that their names is spelled correctly etc. and we deal with the requisite correspondence, the second sitting is actually going to be on Tuesday because May 1st I think it is a Sunday and then the Monday will be the holiday which is May 2nd and so the second sitting of the PSE will be on the Tuesday May 3rd, so the first sitting is English and Science and the second sitting is math and Social Studies.”

In the meeting principals were reminded that the Education Department is there to support them even though if it means constant supervision and assessment in order to deliver quality education says District Education Manager for Corozal Jahmore Lopez.

Jahmore Lopez Education Centre Manager

“We continue our work in the ministry trying to see how we can improve the delivery of quality education in each district, we boast that we are the second best district in the country, Orange Walk is just a hair ahead of us and we are trying to unseat them and so it is about working with our school communities with all of our stakeholders to see how we can improve things and so we reminded our principals that we are there to support them in terms of our continued monitoring supervision and we reminded them  for them to do their part as well, they need to ensure that their teachers are planning, their teachers area assessing students, they are using various strategies to meet the needs of their schools that teachers are doing their jobs and hold them accountable and we want that parents as well hold our school communities accountable with the principals and teachers.”

Because alcohol abuse is very common here in the north, next month’s meeting will be a one day workshop where discussion on how to establish interventions for students who might be struggling with this current problem, will be held.

Jahmore Lopez Education Center Manager

“When we get to meet with our principals next month we will be doing a workshop looking at either mindfulness or trying to see how we are able to provide intervention or our students who might be struggling or attending to be a little substance abuse, it is no secret that here in Corozal I was told that beer is actually cheaper than water and I have seen that for myself is not something that I subscribe to but we do know that there is a drug problem within our community and so we want to be able to ensure that our principals and our teachers are able to provide intervention provide support, to identify students who might be at risk and then that we can put things in place to assist such individuals so we are planning to guild our principals capacity so that they are able to address that issue.”

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