JackThe hearing at the Supreme Court in the matter of Jack Charles against the customs department to determine whether or not the Order of Forfeiture granted to Customs by Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer was lawful or not was called off after an agreement was reached to re-export the three containers of Guyanese rice that Charles attempted to import in December.

GOB informed Charles on Friday that under section 133 of the importation laws of Belize he will have seven days to re-export the rice. Charles attempted to negotiate for a one month period but in the end, agreed to the 14 day time limit given to him by the Ministry of Finance and Prime Minister Dean Borrow.

Charles has confirmed that he will be re-exporting the rice at a cost to himself of 12 thousand US dollars and our news team understands that Charles is also in the process of bringing in seven more containers of rice through Honduras and all indications suggests that the 3 containers that are currently at the port in big creek will be exported to Honduras as well while the necessary paperwork is completed to return them to Belize.

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