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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

no-photosOn Friday the Social Investment Fund, SIF in coordination with the basic need trust fund and the Caribbean Development Bank Grants, held a workshop for 15 preschool teachers in the area of quality child friendly environment, early childhood development training.

SIF Technical Officer for the Northern Region, Freddie Cab, says that the aim is to strengthen the country’s education sector.

Freddie Cab Technical officer for Northern Region SIF

“The beginning of this training is in coordination with the basic need trust fund that the Caribbean Development Bank has given as grants through the support of the government of Belize and implemented by the Social Investment Fund, this is part of a soft project that initiated negotiations approximately a year and a little more with the different institutions around Corozal and Orange Walk, one of the initiatives of the government is to have quality child friendly environment and we are supporting that with providing training through the ministry of education such as this the Early childhood Development training, Special education training, first Aid and CPR training for students, teachers and parents, marketing strategy and technology in the classroom and a whole series of training, it will benefit having more qualified teachers that will be versed specifically in the Early Childhood Education which is one of the most important stepping stones when it comes to the primary education, once we have preschoolers that have teachers that are well trained we can expect the transition to primary school quite easier and more successful at the end, let me just mention as closing that the intentions of the basic need trust fund and the mission of the social investment fund at the end is to empower and to enhance and strengthening of the education sector around the country and at this time it will be in Corozal.”

Fifteen preschool teachers from the Corozal District participated in the seven sessions training and upon completion it is expected that participants will have broaden their knowledge when it comes to the best preschool setting.

Maria Correa facilitator

“We are having the seven sessions for the SIF program and I am assisting for the training for Early childhood and getting a group of fifteen teachers in the Corozal District ready for Early childhood Education, we start with What is Early Childhood Education? Right now we are on the second one, Child Development, we will be having Pre-school assessment, Pre-School curriculum and we will be having Learning Through play and the last one will be the Nine Learning Centers.”


“What does this training exactly hopes to achieve with the teachers?”

Maria Correa facilitator

“Well, we are trying to get them into the foundation of what exactly is Early Childhood, getting to know the students, getting to know how to get into the classroom to deliver what is early childhood, knowing the basics on how to deal with the planning, assessing and it will assist the teachers and getting to know what is exactly knowing what is to be in the pre schools.”

As for the participants, the sessions are empowering as they can now have the tools to better understand pre-schoolers and the decisions they tend to make.


“The training is the Early Childhood Education training and it is going to benefit us to become better Pre-schools teachers in the classroom. It teaches us more about understanding the children and applying the activities doing it in the classroom to encourage children to learn to become somebody in life even though at a small age so that they can already know who they want to be in life when they grow up.

Another project in line for SIF is the construction of two preschools, one in the Corozal District in the area of Altamira and one in the Village of Carmelita in the Orange Walk District.

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