Last week we reported that the farmers of San Carlos Village lost over $50,000 worth in the production of carrots and that the blame was directed towards the Government for allegedly issuing license of importation of carrots only days before the farmers were ready to harvest their crop. Due to this problem, the farmers were unable to sell their vegetable at the market resulting in the rotting of the crop.

During an interview with the media on Friday, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Gaspar Vega, stated that he believes that lack of communication is affecting farmers in relation to their crops.

gapeHon. Gaspar Vega – Deputy Prime Minister

I would like to mention to everyone, especially the farmers, that they have to be more cooperative.  We’re here to assure the market, not only to the big guys but to the small guys and everyone, but we have to have this line of communication.  You cannot have an attitude because there are some farmers who have an attitude when you ask them, “how much unu got planted?”  [They respond] “dat da noh yo business.”  And these are things that affect us in the ministry because rightly you would be the same one asking us why we noh have enough carrot on the market?  So it’s a balancing act like you rightly said but it’s challenging

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