And sticking to the Agriculture sector, Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Gaspar Vega, along with his CEO, Jose Alpuche visited Guyana with the intention of settling a bilateral agreement with Belize concerning the supply of rice. The objective of the said agreement is to allow the importation of Guyanese rice in Belize only if it is experiencing a shortage of local supply.

Upon the D.P.M’s arrival at the Philip Goldson International airport on Friday, the media was able to speak to him based on the agreement that is currently in its initial stages and he emphasized on the importance of protecting our local production of rice.

gapeHon. Gaspar Vega – Deputy Prime Minister

“Guyana’s government, previous and present, has been very supportive.  We all agreed that Belize needs to ensure food security for its country and in this case, we needed to assure the viability of our rice industry.  We discussed that in detail and we even discussed that we must look for a way forward in securing the food security and even taking it to CARICOM.

Vega stated that he was able to get in contact with the Secretary General of CARICOM in an effort to work in unity to improve the economy of both parties.

Hon. Gaspar Vega – Deputy Prime Minister

“With Guyana we had intensive meetings where we even discussed the way forward with not only rice or even probably setting up a joint team to discuss how we can enhance each other’s economy.”

While Belize has imported Guyanese rice in the past when the country had faced a shortage of local production, Vega ensures the population that importations will only be made when necessary from a CARICOM country.

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