imagesWhile the FBI is now present in Belize to offer a helping hand to Belizean authorities in solving the murder of of Anne Elizabeth Swaney, things are not looking so positive for the Belize Tourism Sector as the United States Department issued a travel advisory to all citizens of America alerting them to be very cautious and vigilant when visiting Belize since they are aware that our country has one of the highest murder and crime rates around the world.

The tourists are being advised to refrain from walking and visiting the South side area in Belize City as they are mindful that many gangs operate in that area in particular. The US department stated that, quote “We encourage U.S. citizens to exercise caution and good situational awareness in all their travel activities. Visitors should travel in groups and only during daylight hours. Avoid wearing jewelry or carrying valuable or expensive items”. End quote.

According to the U.S. State Department, the purpose of issuing this advisory is to avoid the risk of losing another American citizen

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