DANILO_NAVARETTETonight twenty seven year old Danilo Navarette who was accused of murdering fifty nine year old security guard, Thomas Antonio Moguel back in October of the year 2011, is a free man as his case was thrown out today at the Northern Session of the Supreme Court due to lack of evidence.

Viewers might recall that Moguel was killed on Saturday October 15th, 2011 at his workplace at Shell One Stop Gas Station. At the time of the incident, Moguel was sitting down on a chair near the gas pumps when two men approached him from behind and fired a shot to the back of his head resulting in immediate death. The individuals responsible for Moguel’s death managed to flee from the scene; however, a surveillance camera captured the horrific incident but unfortunately was unable to show the assailants’ faces clearly.

After reviewing the surveillance several times, police were able to detain Navarette as they believed that he was the primary suspect but today, he was found not guilty and has now returned home to his family. Reports are that Navarette is planning to file a lawsuit against the Police Department for incarcerating him for over four years.

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