noimageAn Anti-Drug and drunk driving operation that was organized by the Orange Walk Police Quick Response Team along with Traffic Personnel, resulted in a number of arrests over the weekend.

The first arrest was made on Friday at about 8:00 p.m. when Orange Walk Police visited the home of Gloriole Sosa, Belizean laborer of Trinidad Village. After a search was conducted, police found 45.5 grams of Cannabis in the house. Sosa was then arrested and charged for ‘possession of controlled drugs’.

The following morning as the operation continued, Hector August, a laborer of Santa Familia Street, was arrested and charged after he was found in possession of 1.5 grams of Cannabis.

Then at around 12:10 on Saturday afternoon, authorities visited a residence in the area of Pasadita. Upon their arrival, authorities witnessed when 43 year old Sergio Valdez, Belizean laborer of Cabbage Street in Orange Walk Town, threw away a black plastic bag.

The bag was recovered and police observed that it contained a total of 260 grams of Cannabis. As a result Valdez was arrested and charged for Drug Trafficking.

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