JackXtra-House owner, Jack Charles confirmed to our colleagues at KREM News today that he has processed all the necessary documentation to re-export three containers of Guyanese rice back to Guyana.

As you may remember Charles brought in over 75 tons of rice in December of 2015 but the court found that it was improperly done since Charles did not have the required documentations to allow the rice to enter the country.

After finding that the three containers of rice did not have a BAHA permit the Magistrate court ordered the rice forfeited to the Customs and Excise Department to be destroyed. Charles later obtained an injunction at the Supreme Court to stop the destruction of the rice, But that hearing was called off after an agreement was reached between Charles and GOB under Customs and Excise law and he was given until January 28th to re-export the rice.

Charles explained that he could not find a buyer in any other country in the region because he only had 14 days to re-export the product, but seemingly, the company that sold him the rice will take it back to a total loss to Charles of about 37 thousand Belize dollars in freight and storage costs.

As to the 7 other containers of rice that  Charles had said were on their way to Belize, he confirmed that he had those on pause since he experienced problems getting the first three containers into Belize but all indications are that Charles is still looking into all his options in the case to bring back the rice into Belize.

But will Charles be able to successfully bring in Guyanese rice into Belize after earlier this month Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Gaspar Vega on a visit to Guyana negotiated the settling of a bilateral agreement with Guyana concerning the importation of rice?

The objective of the agreement is to allow the importation of Guyanese rice into Belize only when Belize is experiencing a shortage in local supply.

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