millinErmelindo Vasquez, resident of Orange Walk Town and Hugo Casanova of Calcutta Village in Corozal Town, were released after spending more than two years incarcerated in a Mexican prison being charged with drug trafficking.

Viewers may recall that on February 7th 2013, well known businessman Ermelindo Vasquez aka Melin and Hugo Casanova were detained by Mexican Navy during a sting operation where they busted a drug house in Chetumal where the two men were present. The bust yielded a total of 45 kilograms of the synthetic drug known as crystal meth valued at that time at one million U.S dollars.  As a result of the bust, Vasquez and Casanova were arrested and were being charged with the offence of ‘being in possession of methamphetamines with the intention to sell.

A report by the Mexican news page ‘POR ESTO’ reported that on Friday evening Vasquez and Casanova were acquitted of the charge of possession of Methamphetamines with intentions to distribute, since the prosecution was unable to find sufficient evidence to convict the duo for the offence. Ermelindo Vasquez and Hugo Casanova have been released from the custody of Mexican Police and are waiting proper paper work to be able to return to Belize. We understand that the duo should be back in the Belize by tomorrow.

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