After the honorable Briceno took the oath as the new leader of the opposition in a ceremony that took place at the Governor General’s House in Belmopan City, the media took the opportunity to ask him about the position of the Hon. Cordel Hyde, who was present at the swearing in today, in the national executive. In previous statements Briceno made it clear that he intended to find a place for Hyde in the PUP executive team and today he told us that position still stands.


Screen_Shot_2016-02-08_at_8.26.39_PMHonorable John Briceno - Leader of the People’ United Party

“I have always said that the Honorable Cordel Hyde has to play a critical role in the rebuilding and the re-strengthening of the party s we get to move to Belmopan in the next Election, I have met with him and he is here with us today and I am very pleased that he has joined me in this very important occasion, it goes to show his commitment to the work that we have ahead of us we are going to be finding ways on how we can use him to the maximum of his abilities, we all know that he has a lot of talent and his abilities and that he has a way to connect with people and that he is going to be playing a very important role, a very critical role in us in preparing the message that we want to present to the people, the policies that we want to present to the people to make sure that all Belizeans feel that they are a part of the work that we do and that they all believe that they have something at stake.”

Honorable Cordel Hyde- Area Representative- Lake Independence

“It is early in the game for us to know what best fit, you are putting me out on the limb, it is hard for me to say that is not entirely up to me up to the party leader what role he sees me playing forward and if we can meet some agreement but it is early in the game we will work that out am sure, we have to win, we have to win.”

As Cordel prepares to take up a new position in the party’s national executive he too sent out a message of unity

Honorable Cordel Hyde- Area Representative- Lake Independence

“That has been the clear message from people all over the country inside the party that they want the party to work together, to fight together to return to government it has been a long time since the party won an election in 2003 and we had nine defeats in nine years starting in 2006 and I think our people are tired of losing, that is been clear and they want us to work together to try to put the best foot forward so that we can reach Belmopan and it going to take us our efforts to take us there and so yes I think it is.”


“Do you believe that Johnny Briceno is guy to unify the People’s United Party?”

Honorable Cordel Hyde- Area Representative- Lake Independence

“Yes man, the people spoke clearly last week Sunday that they believe John is the person to lead us forward and bring us all together and I am optimistic, I am not naïve I know that it won’t be a bed of roses but it is a huge party 67 thousand persons voted for us on November 4th means we are not going to agree on everything not in a family of four five people you have total agreement mothers and fathers disagree all the time, brothers and sisters, you know it part of it.”

As for his absence at the swearing in of the National Executive Hyde mentioned he need time to recover.

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