Screen_Shot_2016-02-11_at_6.27.34_PMThe Orange Walk Police Department today received a very generous and much needed donation from the US embassy. The Orange Walk Police department has always enjoyed a good relationship with the embassy and in the past they have received several donations including vehicles, computers and other equipment that has greatly assisted the department in combating crime in our town. But today’s donation of three contraband kits is particularly important for the department because they will benefit greatly from the equipment in combating the very serious and ongoing issue of contraband.


Nicholas Palomo- Inspector of Police


“We received a donation worth it of a $20,000.00 worth of equipment that will assist us in the fight against drugs and firearms; received were a contraband detecting kit, comprises of several devices that will detect contraband carried in sealed compartments in vehicles like tires, door panels, engines and the bumper for the vehicle, we also received bullet proof vest and camel packs and other equipment to assist us in our daily routine, we have intercepted vehicles and we didn’t had the equipment to search door panels and several time we do not destroy door panels because we could be sued for it now with this equipment we could actually get in the door panels with a camera and see what is in there and if any contraband is there then we could open the door panels, the tires we could use one of the equipment to see if anything is inside the tires of vehicles, inside the engines of vehicles, the equipment will really help us to detect more contraband, drugs and firearms.”


The three contraband kits will be used mainly by the quick response team in their efforts to combat contraband of drugs and weapons into our country. Special technique training is being offered by the Mobile Interdiction team from Belmopan City to members of the quick response team which will equip them with knowledge on how the equipment is used and how to maximize its efficiency.

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