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The Orange Walk Football Association will be carrying out their district elections on March 13th in order to elect a new chairman along with a new slate to take over the responsibility of organizing football activities throughout the town.

However, there seems to be trouble brewing, as the list of all official delegates have not yet been issued to the members of the various slates wanting to run for the election.

Screen_Shot_2016-02-18_at_8.02.48_PMLadrick Sheppard

“We don’t know who are the delegates that are supposed to be elected or who supposed to elect us at this moment, that supposed to be handed in quite a while now and we haven’t gotten that and that is the reason why are confused because we don’t know who to talk so we can get elected, I have a slate and in my slate I am running for Chairman, Fernando Sanchez for Vice-Chairman, Ben Ramos as one of the members, Fabro Carballo as a member and Alex Palacio and I know that there are ten teams that were elected out of the congress that are supposed to be the delegates, at this moment this is all what I know off, Carmelita, Crystal, Yo Creek and San Estevan which are the original congress, then Mr. Avila who is the Chairman added six more teams which are Progresso FC, also he added San Lazaro Revolution FC, White Eagle FC, San Lazaro Young Stars FC and San Estevan Young Stars FC but I don’t know who is the legal Rep. that are supposed to vote us in because for us to enter the election these people have to go to Mr. Avila and receive the nomination form then elect us and that is the reason why we are still lost.”

According to Sheppard, time is running out and if the current chairman is still reluctant to present the final list of delegates, the next step would be for the members to contact the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) in order to address this issue.


Ladrick Sheppard

“The dateline for adding your name is Monday that is the final date and if we don’t get nominated by Monday there is no way we can challenge Mr. Avila on election on March 13th.”


“Or anybody else in his slate?”

Ladrick Sheppard

“Or anybody else, I know for a fact that there is another slate in trying to entering in the election but I don’t know any details of that so it was supposed to be three slates, we are trying to see if some of the team if they know what is going on or someone to help us or our next move is to write a letter to FFB for them to come down and give us some information because for a fact I know that this information should have been entered into FFB and also in the newspaper in the media so that everyone had a fair chance of contesting the next upcoming election.”

While Sheppard has decided to compete for the district election based on encouragement from the public, he stated that there is definitely a lot of work to do when it comes to football on a whole.

Ladrick Sheppard

“It was like a back and forth with him, he wanted me to run as the vice Chairman in the slate and I told him I would not want to run on anybody slate because I have no intentions of running but with the teams calling me and asking me that you have been working with the youth for quite a while from 2009 you have done many things why you don’t give it a try so yesterday I send him a text and I explained to him to put my name inside the ballot for the Chairman position and I asked him for the information and I have all these text in my phone asking him for information and up to now he has not responded back to me as yet, we know for a fact that football is not going anywhere and we need to make a change and it is this time because if Mr. Avila wins this elections until four years that will be until 2020 I will not have a chance to at least contest him and that is too far.”

CTV3 News understands that at this moment an FFB meeting is taking place in Belmopan that can lead to the possible suspension of FFB President Ruberto Vicente. All indications are that some members of the present executive are not in agreement with the way the district elections have been taking place since they go against the regulations of the FFB. As mentioned by Sheppard he has until Monday to submit his name. We will keep monitoring the situation and bring you the details as they unfold.

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