Screen_Shot_2016-02-18_at_8.01.39_PMEarlier this morning the Orange Walk Chinese Association organized a parade where majority of the Chinese stores were visited by members of the association in order to perform a traditional dance involving a dragon which is believed to bring prosperity to the establishments. While the president of the Chinese Association, Tony Lee, explained to us the significance of the dance, he also stated that as they celebrate this New Year, it is represented by a monkey which they believe is essential for child birth and knowledge.

Tony Lee – President, Orange Walk Chinese Association

“It’s a very cultural thing, the lettuce represents a lot of food and why we spread it on the ground I because we want a lot of food to be nourished this year and the following coming year too.  The monkey is a year where we really have prosperity but overall the main year of the monkey is for newlyweds and boyfriend and girlfriend who plan to have children and more children and the monkey represent cleverness and so every kid for this we all want them to be very smart and clever.”

After the parade concluded at about 5:00 p.m. today, approximately 200 members of the Chinese Association were present for the celebration in front of Lee’s Restaurant to share the joy of the New Year.

Tony Lee –President, Orange Walk Chinese Association

“We haven’t had any celebrations for a few years and like the normal day we have the dragon dance and followed the dance we had a party, we having a dinner to celebrate to welcome everybody and to unify everybody and to have fun.”

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