Screen_Shot_2016-02-22_at_1.40.40_PMTonight Belize City resident Windell Neal of Lizzaraga Avenue is behind bars at the Orange Walk Police Station waiting to be arraigned for two counts of Obtaining Property by Deception.

For quite some time now police have been receiving complaints of individuals going around colleting monies from employees for seafood allegedly purchased by their employers. The victims would pay the individual for the products only to later find out that it was all a scam after checking with their boss.

Over the weekend one of those individuals believed to be Windell Neal struck again…this time though he was caught. The first victim was Geyse Sanchez, Belizean office administrator who was contacted by Neal via text message.

Nicholas Palomo- Second in Command O/W Police

“The charges was as a result of reports made by one Geyse Sanchez a Belizean Administrator of Hotel de la Fuente who reported to police that on the 7th of January 2016 about 2:14pm she was at People’s stadium Orange Walk when she received a text from somebody to be her boss, Jovanny de la Fuente, the text asked her to pay some monies for some sea food or seas supplies that had been received amounted to about $330.00, she was convinced that it was her boss texting and a person arrived at the People’s Stadium to whom she gave her the $330.00 she did not know who was the person but based on the text she knew the person who received the money afterwards she contacted Mr. Jovanny de la Fuente where she found out that the text and everything was a scam, he hadn’t gave anybody permission to collect any monies.”

The second charge for Obtaining Property by Deception comes as a result of a report filed against Neal by Ingrid Delcid, Belizean Cashier for RW Electronic located at the Corner of Cinderella and Fonseca Street in Orange Walk Town.

Nicholas Palomo- Second in Command O/W Police

“She reported that on 20th November 2015 about 2pm a dark complexion male person entered the establishment and told her that the boss had sent him to collect some monies for some sea food supplies that had been delivered or were going to be delivered to the said location, the person made a phone call and talked to someone and afterwards told the cashier and convinced her to pay him the mount of $300.00 which they did afterwards when she contacted her boss she also found that it was a scam again and on Sunday Belize city police found this Mr. Wendel Neal and hand over to Orange Walk police.”

CTV3 News understands that a third charge of obtaining property by deception will levied upon Neal as this afternoon another business owner reported to authorities that his employees was also scammed by Neal. According to Baltazar Campos, owner of Agri-Centro located on Belize Corozal Road Orange Walk Town, his business was also targeted by Neal who received $250.00 from his employee. According to Inspector Nicholas Palomo, police believe Neal was able to trick his victims into paying him the money since he was known for selling seafood. Neal is expected to be charged at the Orange Walk Magistrates Court tomorrow.

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