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  • Speaker Of The House Signs MOU With FOPREL And SICA

    Friday, 07 September 2018 02:44
  • New International Flight Headed To Belize

    Friday, 07 September 2018 02:46
  • 224 Farmers Graduate From Farmers Field School

    Friday, 07 September 2018 03:09

Screen_Shot_2016-02-23_at_8.09.22_PMHabanero peppers are among the hottest chili peppers in the world and despite the heat it brings to one’s taste buds it is a pepper that many crave in spicy recipes.

Here in the North in the village of Paraiso Corozal, an entrepreneur is rising to the top with his habanero pepper sauce called Papanero Pickle Pepper Sauce.

Sixty eight year old James Gegg, his wife and youngest son established the family business 11 months ago using two main ingredients, habanero peppers and Papaya fruit.

James Gegg Producer Papanero pepper sauce

“I have been playing with this idea since per say five years ago and I’ve been experimenting and giving to my good friends and relatives to taste until they approve on the quality and the flavor and everything and this is where I came up with these and where everybody that has tried it are very happy with it and I am I business actually for eleven months now, my wife, my youngest son and myself, we are the producers, the manufacturers everything, I wish more people would support it because it is a national product and it is all natural, I don’t use any artificial, except I cook it at 200 degrees and that keeps it preserved in a sealed bottle for two years.”

As you heard, papaya is one of the main ingredients for the pepper sauce and with one of the largest papaya producers in the north closing its doors Gegg says his business will be affected since papaya will become scarce. His family is now looking at other avenues for the business to survive.

James Gegg Producer Papanero pepper sauce

“The papaya I’ve been getting it from I know myself at the Fruta Bomba in San Andres but I was informed that that is folding up very soon, because I don’t like to sleep in my laurels I have already contacted a gentleman an in Xaibe who will actually now is going to supply me with pepper, I try to add value to two products in the north, one is papaya and the other is habanero pepper and the rest is what the bottle calls for, vinegar, salt, garlic, a little bit of lime and a few spices here and there, I call it the tropical spices.”

The Gegg Family are also producers of Paradise Plum Juice and marmalade. As for Papanero Pickle Pepper Sauce it is a favourite for customers as far as San Pedro Town.

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