John Briceno, he was elected as the new leader of the People’s United Party on the 31st of January after a National Convention held in Belmopan.

The Orange Walk Central Area Representative was elected under a platform of unity and hope. There is no doubt that as the new leader of the opposition Briceno has a huge task ahead of him. For one, he needs to lead the battle against a government which has not lost an election since 2008 and two…gain back the confidence of the Belizean people who practically lost all faith in the grand old party.

In order for Briceno to carry out the second task, unity will play an integral role. Today as he appeared on the Despierta Belice morning show we asked him how united the party was 23 days into his leadership.

Screen_Shot_2016-02-23_at_8.09.11_PMHonorable John Briceno – Leader of the Opposition PUP

“All the meeting that I’ve had has been cordial, I have not met in person the Honorable Florencio Marin Jr. but we have spoken away keeping in touch, we were to go visit his constituency tomorrow but it has been determined that a Sunday is better for him because his constituency is spread out and he has a lot of people that works during the week so it going to be difficult to bring them from Sarteneja to wherever he want to hold his meeting but we have been talking that we are going to be working together, that is what the delegates have mandated of us and we also owe it to the Belizean people that voted for us in the last election, I have met with the honorable Julius Espat, Cordel, former Prime Minister Said Musa, pretty much everybody and we are talking about uniting and working together we are going to be presenting our plans tomorrow and on the way forward and so far it has been and I am pleased.”

Well aware of the work that lies ahead Briceno also spoke about the country’s crippling economy.

Honorable John Briceno – Leader of the Opposition PUP

“When we look back and we see the amount of money has borrowed under the UDP and what we have gotten in return I mean it really feels scared to every Belizean across this country, the UDP has been borrowing a lot of money and what do we have in return just the Petro Caribe for the past two three years they borrowed about 350 million dollars and the money is finished, just on October they spent 4.7 million dollars, 8 million dollars was given away to certain citizens of Belize city yet here in the north our farmers lost 30 million dollars and what did they get so obviously the level of borrowing form this government has been unsustainable and I think it is going to put us in serious trouble, we already seeing it for instance remember they were blowing their own horn that they accomplished so much by restructuring the Super Bond well as we speak right now the super bond has lost its value it is selling right now for fifty cents on the dollar meaning that the foreign investors that were buying the bond  or the bank that have the bond when they try to sell it if the bond cost a dollar they only getting fifty cents because people do not have confidence on Dean Barrow and the UDP government because they believe that they direction that this country has been going under the UDP is an unsustainable one that the level of borrowing has gone up significantly.”

Further into the newscast Briceno will speak on the closure of Fruta Bomba and Belize Fruit Packers and he will also give his take on the problems faced by the Corozal Commercial Free Zone.

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