Screen_Shot_2016-02-24_at_8.10.09_PMToday there is still no word on the second drowning victim that plunged into the New River on Monday evening and never resurfaced.

According to reports, 21 one year old Carlos Reyes along with a second unidentified male jumped into the New River on Monday evening at around 5:30 but never reappeared.

Following hours of continuous efforts by the Belize Coast Guard and local divers the lifeless body of Reyes was located yesterday at about 11:00 in the morning.

Today at around 8:30 in the morning members of the Belize Coast Guard resumed their search for the second man but the surface and underwater searches proved futile.

Seamond Castro- Belize Coast Guard

“We resume search about 8:30 this morning and we did both sides, we did surface searches on the canoe about 300 yards went that way down stream and both sides coming down the middle and then we did dives similar to how we did the surface search along both ends.”

Considering that nobody knows the identity of the second victim, many Orange Walkenos are speculating that only Reyes jumped in the river. According to Seamond Castro, if a second man did drowned his body is not in the area that they have combed.

Seamond Castro- Belize Coast Guard

“The way I see it I don’t know if the body is there or not but hopefully it surfaces before the end of the day.”


“Many residences are rumoring if there is a second body, do you guys believe that there is a second body in the water?”

Seamond Castro- Belize Coast Guard

“If there is a second body I don’t think it is around this area at this time because we dive basically all the area so we are going to do one more dive at the  middle of the river and if not well we will call it a day.”

After searching for most of the day, the Belize Coast Guard suspended the search at around 4:00 this evening and will resume tomorrow. The hope though is that the body will resurface on its own.

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